Online Event Management

Organising a business event can be difficult and time-consuming. So why not simplify it by using our Event Management tool? This tool takes the hassle out of registering attendees, processing payments and confirming bookings - jobs that would normally take many hours.

Flexible ticketing

Jasper Design’s integrated Events software allows website visitors to register and even pay to attend your events.

You can create multiple ticket types, even with early bird pricing, to encourage people to register early.

  • Multiple ticket types
  • Early bird pricing
  • Collect different information based on the ticket selected
  • Print name badges for attendees

felcxible ticketing


Scheduling your events

Not only can you set a date for when your event will occur, you can even set up your ticket to recur, you can set registration to open on a set date and even close a certain number of days prior to the event.

  • Recurring events
  • Registration open and close dates
event scheduling

Take payments easily

Reduce the administrative work required to manage each event by taking payments when each contact registers for the event. The Jasper Design Event software is supported by 15 payment gateways and also generates an invoice.

  • Creates invoices
  • Supported by 15 payment gateways

take payments easily over the internet


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