Drag and Drop Website Editor

The "drag and drop" editor is how we create a responsive website for your business. Sections determine how a page is laid out and also how the page should behave at different screen sizes. 

Each page is broken up into sections. Sections can have columns and objects can be dragged into sections Sections can either fill the whole screen or be restricted to 1024 pixels The background of a section can be set to fill the whole screen or be restricted to 1024 pixels.

Responsive vs Adaptive Templates

Responsive templates match the size of the screen. You will only need one version of content for it to display properly on all device types (eg mobiles and tablets). You can still have a different menu and content on the mobile version of the website.

No left or right columns

Responsive templates can't have right or left columns in the new editor because of the way a
section needs to be able to fill the entire width of the screen. If you need a left or a right
column you will need an adaptive template.

What do we do better than WordPress

Unique designs is a key, we won't drop you into a template we purchased. We will create a
unique design for you based on your business, your online goals, and make you look better
than your competitors.


ADDRESS56 Fourth Street, Home Hill,
Queensland, Australia, 4806

POSTAL ADDRESSPO Box 32, Ayr, Queensland,
Australia, 4807


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