Jasper Design only accepts PDF finished artwork.

Sending us the correct file format and following the correct specifications, means we can have your printing back to you in the fastest time possible.

Please understand that you will have to check that your files are correct. Uploading a PDF is the best way to send a file. This is best done via our dropbox or by using yousendit.com

Please check email confirmation of job details to ensure your job has been received by Jasper Design.


Indesign templates for standard products (including folding guides) are available from our prepress department.

PDF Compliance

  1. Use PDF Version 1.4. Ensure all files are flattened (flattening options turned on)
  2. Double sided artwork to be supplied in a 2 page PDF
  3. Supply a multiple page PDF with 1up artwork on each page
  4. Colour mode must be CMYK not RGB
  5. Include crop marks and 2mm minimum bleed
  6. Ensure artwork is centred in document and we recommend that text and non-bleed images be kept 3mm from trims
  7. Fold panels to be set to specifications
  8. Booklet creep will occur - text and images should be at least 10mm from trim edge

Font Usage

All fonts must be embedded. You can also outline fonts before creating a PDF to avoid issues.

Graphic / Image Elements Checklist

  • Supply bitmap images at 300dpi
  • Supply images in CMYK (no RGB, LAB images)
  • All colours must be converted to CMYK (no RGB, LAB or PMS colours) with the exception of Silver (877)
  • Combined colour ink density should not exceed 340%
  • No ICC colour profiles will be used

Flight Checking

We strongly recommend a flight checking application is used to check the integrity of the PDF prior to sending it.

We recommend Enfocus Pitstop: www.enfocus.com

Storage of Files

PDFs will remain on our system for 1 week following printing. Jasper Design does not undertake archiving and retrieval of customer data.


Please note:

Jasper Design cannot accept responsibility for errors due to files that do not meet specifications.

Supplied PDF artwork always remains the responsibility of the customer.


ADDRESS56 Fourth Street, Home Hill,
Queensland, Australia, 4806

POSTAL ADDRESSPO Box 32, Ayr, Queensland,
Australia, 4807


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