Business Cards

Written on the 1 June 2013 by Kellie Williams

Business Cards


Business cards...

...are they really necessary? In this day and age when so much of our communication is digital, it's actually becoming more important to exchange something tangible and tactile; something your clients can hold on to.

It's still important to have a business card that stands out from the rest. Your business card should be one that people actually want to hang on to. Like when you dine in a nice restaurant and you take a card to keep a piece of the experience with you. It's a reminder of how great the service was, or delicious the food, and seeing it can make you want to visit again.

Business cards don't have to break the budget, but do remember they are a reflection of your business. Bad design can equal bad impression.

Information to include on a business card is up to the individual - there are no rules. It's not necessary to include everything (eg. ABN but it is handy). There is also the temptation of including too much. Try to get the balance between the essentials for communication, but avoid overcrowding it. A simple design with lots of space works well so try sticking to two or three colours.

Also, keep a record of how many cards you have ordered and how long the box lasted, then you will know how many to get next time. Ordering in bulk can save you money.

A well-designed business card has many functions but most of all it must speak for itself!

> Read more about business card design.

This article was published in Zoom in Business Magazine Issue 6

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