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How To Set My Domain To Point To Our Server

Before you change your domain records to use our services:

  • Are you using our previous POP or new Gsuite email platforms?
  • Is the website ready to go live?
  • Have you contacted us to ensure that we have done everything on our side to make sure the domain will change without any issues?
  • Are you aware that the change can take up to 48 hours? This means that you should carefully choose the time to make the change to avoid delays in important emails.

If We Host Just The Website:

To point just the website service of your domain name to our servers, you will need to add the following DNS records(please note that both of these records are required for the website to function live):

  1. Point the Naked Domain (ie domain.com.au) to the following:

    • Record Type:    A-Record
    • Host Name:      @ (or leave blank)
    • Content: 
    • TTL:                  3600
  • Point the WWW Domain (ie www.domain.com.au) to the following:

    • Record Type:    Cname
    • Host Name:       www
    • Content:            elbtwc.com
    • TTL:                   3600

  • Please also add an SPF TXT include record for thewebconsole.com ( include:thewebconsole.com ) to your existing SPF record, or if you do not have an existing SPF TXT record, then please add the following:

    • Record Type:    TXT
    • Host Name:      @ (or leave blank)
    • Content:           "v=spf1 mx a include:thewebconsole.com ~all"
  • This change can take between 2 - 24 hours to propagate.

If We Host Your Emails and Website:

  • To point all of your web services (ie email and website) to our servers you will need to change your domain's Name Servers.
  • To point your domain through to our server, you will need to have access to edit your domain details. When you originally purchased the domain, the domain hosting company would have sent you some login credentials which you can use to make changes.

  • Once you have logged in to your domain management tool, you will need to change the nameservers to:

    • ns1.thewebconsole.com
    • ns2.thewebconsole.com

  • If your Domain Registrar requires that you place an IP Address alongside the nameservers, see this information below:

    • ns1.thewebconsole.com -
    • ns2.thewebconsole.com -

  • This change can take between 2 - 48 hours to propagate.

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