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Logo Parts

Logos are generally made up of two parts. There is the logotype which is a uniquely set and arranged typeface, and the logo which is a picture or symbol that doesn’t rely on text to be recognizable. All logos have one or both of these parts. A good example of the difference would be the Apple logo (logo) verses the Google logo (logotype...

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Be terrific in the traffic!

Have some fun with your car signage and get noticed Some businesses spend serious amounts of money having their vehicles sign-written, and in some cases fully vinyl wrapped, but just put the business name, logo and phone number, with absolutely NO information about what they do, or any reason why you should call them! BORING! Look at yo...

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Getting along with your designer

  Graphic designers and their clients are often notorious for not communicating in the same way. Sometimes it is the difference between a visual- and a non-visual thinker (the right or left brainer!). Other times it’s just not sharing the same ‘language’. This lack of effective ...

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Colours Spaces

  PMS, RGB and CMYK are the three most prominent colour spaces used in design circles. Here is a basic understanding of the differences. PMS refers to the patented Pantone Colour Matching System used in a variety of industries, primarily printing, though sometimes in the manufacture of colored paint, fabric and plastics. By stand...

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Eco-friendly Printing

Over 100 million trees are cut down each year to supply fibre for writing and printing papers in the US alone! By reducing, re-using and recycling we can all help the environment. Here are some terms that might help you choose environmentally friendly papers that you can use for printing projects and around the office: Virgin fibre &n...

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Photo formats

Posted by Kellie Williams on 23 March 2020
Photo formats
With the explosion of scanners, digital cameras and the internet, the JPEG image format has quickly become the most...
Posted in: Computers Photography  

Cool colours

Posted by Kellie Williams on 19 February 2020
Cool colours
If there's one thing as a designer I love more than typography (geeky, I know), it's colour! One of my secr...
Posted in: Logo Design Graphic Design  

Sending large files

Posted by Kellie Williams on 22 January 2020
Sending large files
Sending large photos and files via email can prove a challenge, as most email programs limit the amount of megabite...
Posted in: Computers Emails  
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